Tourism industry’s main goal is to help customers that are new to the area and teach them new knowledge they might not have known. Tourism as an industry is the set of all business activities which serves the needs tourists while they visit different places by way of tourism, touring or travelling. The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity Monthly Employment Report states that there are 1,394 jobs in the Tourism field in Pinal County as of 2018.

Sources: Emsi Q1 2019

What Can I Do with a Minor in Tourism and Leisure Planning?

This minor includes courses that integrate an education in tourism development, community planning, and parks and recreation management. Tourism is now the world's largest industry, and many graduates will find rewarding careers in the areas of tourism, leisure, and recreation. This minor will enhance a number of university majors, especially those related to economics, marketing, environmental sciences, business fields, and hotel and restaurant management.

A minor is earned in conjunction with a bachelor's degree.

To receive a minor (18 to 24 units) at Northern Arizona University, you must complete a planned group of courses from one or more subject matter areas with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. At least 12 units of the minor must be unique to that minor and not applied to any other minor.


  • Take the following 18 units with a Grade of "C" or better in each course:
  • GSP 201, GSP 276 (6 units)
  • PRM 300 (3 units)

Select, with your minor advisor's approval, from (9 units):

  • GSP 206, GSP 303, GSP 376, GSP 406
  • PRM 325, PRM 326, PRM 350, PRM 423
  • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also take. For prerequisite information click on the course or see your advisor.