Congratulations Graduates

Step One – Help Get the Word Out!

  • We want as many Arizonans as possible to participate in the celebration. For that to happen, we need everyone to help spread the news.
    1. Use images below to get the word out to your social media networks
    2. Send a quick email to your friends and family
    3. Share details of how you plan to celebrate.

Step Two – Let Your Neighbors Know if you are a Graduate

  • Arizonans are sheltering in place, for now, but many of us have taken to walking or biking around our neighborhoods. While many of us probably say hello to our neighbors in passing, perhaps we’re unaware if they are teachers or soon-to-be-graduates.
  • Here are some self-identification ideas:
    1. Decorate a front door (or yard tree/bush) with school colors
    2. Make a homemade banner
    3. “A Spring 2020 grad lives here” or “Soon to be a [fill in school]alum”
    4. Decorate cars with school colors
    5. Use a shipping box as a yard sign (or window sign) to celebrate a graduate
    6. Make a homemade cap and gown to wear on May 20
    7. AZ Ed News has created a digital yearbook for graduating high school seniors. Add your picture!