Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology (also sometimes referred to as Advanced Manufacturing) uses innovative technology to improve products or processes and usually requires fewer workers than traditional manufacturing. That’s because many lower-skill processes have been automated. The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity Monthly Employment Report states that there are 3,920 jobs in the Advanced Technology field in Pinal County as of December 2018. Source: The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity

Pursuing the Advanced Technology field

  • For many Advanced Technology jobs, a high school diploma is required. You may begin working in production and gain experience to advance to more technical positions. To advance further additional education such as a degree or certificate may be necessary. For example, a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Field Manufacturing Engineer would need a Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) certificate, in addition to direct job experience.
  • Learning information outside your field broadens your knowledge and enriches your value on the job. Technology is continually evolving and learning how to adapt demonstrates your efforts to stay current and valuable to your employers.
  • Finding new innovative ways to enhance the company’s production brings value and greater profitability to your company.



Arizona Educational opportunities 


Central Arizona College offers an Advanced Technology program called Automated Engineering Technology Program. The industrial maintenance pathway prepares students to install, adjust, troubleshoot and repair a variety of industrial machinery used in manufacturing settings. This is a career that requires using high-tech skills related to electrical and electronics equipment such as programmable logic controllers and other computerized systems.
The topics covered in the program are:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • Fabrication
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Hydraulics/ Pneumatics
  • Welding

For information about the program visit this URL
Source: Central Arizona College


The University of Arizona offers an Industrial Engineering degree. UA industrial engineering majors take courses in chemistry, math, physics, computer science, design and modeling with advanced courses in operations research, production analysis, information management, embedded computer systems, and human factors and ergonomics. Industrial engineering graduates work in manufacturing, entertainment, shipping, health care, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications and customer service for private corporations and government agencies. Many of our alumni are now in high-tech management positions.

The topics covered in the program are:

  • Process Design
  • Production planning
  • Optimization
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Information management
  • Facility layout
  • Workplace design
  • Engineering management
  • Material flow
  • Distribution



Arizona State University offers a Master of Science program in Manufacturing Engineering. The program consists of a core set of courses designed to provide students with advanced knowledge of manufacturing fundamentals and an introduction to systems engineering. The expertise developed in the core curriculum supports student focus, areas building on existing unit faculty strengths, including automation, additive and subtractive manufacturing processes (including CNC machining), modeling and simulation, electronics manufacturing, and manufacturing management.

Source: ASU