According to the Arizona Office of Economic Security's Monthly Employment Report, as of November 2018, there are 6,420 Leisure and Hospitality jobs in Pinal County.

The Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise lines, travelling and additional fields within the tourism industry.

The following variety of jobs are examples of job opportunities in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Lead/ line cooks - Varies
  • Bartenders - Varies
  • Room attendants - Minimum wage
  • Desk Agents - Minimum wage
  • Massage therapist Average salary is between $30,000 - $40,000 a year
  • Security officers - Minimum wage
  • Lead Spa Concierge - Average pay is minimum wage plus tips
  • Director of Finance - Average salary is $108,000 a year

Tips on how to be hired for a Hospitality job?

  • Sell yourself, you want to make yourself stand out. What makes you different? Understand the business and job duties before going to an interview.
  • Have an open and friendly personality and be well groomed as you will likely work with customers every day.
  • You can find hospitality jobs by searching on websites such as,, your school's job board if they have one, or simply walk into a restaurant, hotel, casino etc. and ask a manager if they have any job openings.

How to move up the ladder in the hospitality field

  • Learn about the jobs that are above yours, and try to gain an understanding of the positions so that when they are available you already have some knowledge of the job.
  • Work on creating good relationships with co-workers and all those you work with to build a positive and good reputation.
  • Pursue opportunities to acquire experience from various jobs.

Resources for the information above

Educational opportunities in Arizona

Hotel and Restaurant Management Program at Central Arizona College
The state of Arizona has many employment opportunities in the hospitality field. Many entry-level positions are available. With the completion of a certificate or degree program in Hotel and Restaurant Management, advancement can be accelerated. Employment opportunities exist in hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment, travel and tourism establishments.
College credits from Central Arizona College will transfer to other colleges and universities. By completing your freshman and sophomore years at Central Arizona College, you will benefit from the must lower cost as compared to universities.

Your degree will transfer to Northern Arizona University, W. A. Franke College of Business, School of Hotel & Restaurant Management in the Flagstaff site with junior status. You may choose to
instead attend NAU Flagstaff site or one of the NAU satellite programs available at NAU Partnership at Scottsdale Community College, Pima Community College & online.


What can CAC offer you regarding the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program?

Central Arizona College offers all HRM majors the option of completing and receiving a Hotel & Restaurant Management Certificate of 18 credits which is then embedded in the Associates of Applied Science or A.A.S. in Hotel & Restaurant Management of 65 credits. This A.A.S. degree also contains all the Arizona General Education Curriculum or AGEC courses required with an Associate of Arts or A.A. degree. HRM courses are applicable as elective courses for the Culinary Arts A.A.S., the Business Management Certificate and the Business A.A.S. Degrees. Consult the current Central Arizona College course catalog for final course selection and credit requirements.

Northern Arizona University's School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is ranked number 10 in the world and number 8 in the United States according to the CEOWORLD magazine. This degree not only prepares students with the professional knowledge and skills to succeed in the hospitality field, but it also provides opportunities for growth and experience in that industry. Throughout a student's time in the program, students will focus on a set of hospitality courses including, but not limited to, guest services, food preparation, and sales.

The Hotel and Restaurant Major offers a solid liberal arts foundation shared with substantive hospitality coursework and fieldwork. Students are required to complete two semesters of a modern language to help them appreciate diversity and be more effective in bi-lingual work environments. Students learn the management theories and operational competencies necessary to enter any segment of the hospitality industry upon graduation. Students are also required to complete a supervised internship.

Career opportunities often pursued after completion:

  • Hotel Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Club and Spa Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Culinary Arts

Source: NAU