Today’s world faces complex problems. More scientists and engineers are needed to find answers to complex issues, especially in the mining industry as it supplies mineral products worldwide.
Careers in mining offer the opportunity for world travel, good income and a variety of job options.
The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity Monthly Employment Report states that there are roughly 1,369 Mining jobs in Pinal County as of December 2018.

Source: The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity and

What to Know Before getting into the Mining field?

Metal and mineral resources prices are sky rocketing, but before you start searching for a mining job, here are some things to consider.
Mining areas are usually located in remote regions. In those areas you might be faced with high altitudes, icy and snowy climates, deep tropical forests, or even expansive deserts. Should you get a job in an underground mine, your working conditions may include heat, noise, darkness, and humidity.
New kinds of jobs are being created for undersea mining development. A specialty will develop from standard mining fundamentals.


Education Options in Arizona

Arizona State University
ASU offers a SESE (School of Earth and Space Exploration). At SESE, students acquire the tools and knowledge to be able to answer the largest scientific questions in fields including astrobiology and astrophysics, exploration systems design, geological sciences and more. ASU offers bachelors, masters and doctoral programs that are designed to challenge students, encourage critical thinking and scientific inquiry, and to inspire exploration. Degrees range from:

  • Earth and Environmental Studies
  • Earth and Space Exploration (Geological Sciences)
  • Exploration Systems Design
  • Geological Sciences


Northern Arizona University

NAU offers a Master of Science degree in Geology. This advanced degree is especially useful in state survey work and for advancement in industry and government. If you're passionate about the improvement of natural resources, the environment, and pollution control, NAU offers the tools to help you find a job while pursuing your passion. Career opportunities that can be explored with NAU’s Geology degree include:

  • Mining
  • Geochemist
  • Geophysicist
  • Hydrologist
  • Educator